It would be reckless to risk a repeat of any of these scenarios by putting key players on the field and exposing them to the possibility of injury.

They lost, as well, to the Patriots earlier this month with Brown missing most of a game that quite likely established New England as the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

The Steelers already will be down their most important defender, linebacker Ryan Shazier, who suffered a spinal injury on a hit early in a game against the Bengals in the first weekend in December. Why take a chance on another?

This is not the same as a college football player sitting out a bowl game to protect himself for the draft; the odds of a career-altering injury in a bowl are miniscule. The odds of an injury in the NFL that might knock a player out for a couple of weeks or more? Across the league, it happens several times each week.

This is why Bell should be inactive. Let Stevan Ridley, signed as a free agent following the season-ending injury to backup James Conner, get up to speed with the Pittsburgh offense. It’s why Ben Roethlisberger should be the team’s backup quarterback, with veteran Landry Jones starting in his place.

Alabama and Georgia will meet at the epicenter of SEC football in Atlanta to battle it out for the national championship trophy. Here’s what to expect.

It starts with great coaching, Harris said. We’ve got the best football coach, maybe they’ve got the second-best, but we’ve got two great programs, two programs that work really hard, just do all the right things, and I think it’s helped lead us to get to this point.

Second: players. Nobody has recruited at a higher level than Alabama, which churns out NFL players at a dizzying pace. Over the past 10 years, Alabama has produced 18 first-round picks, more than any other program in the country. Since 2009, Alabama has had 65 players drafted, also tops in the nation.

Clemson is starting to reach that status, too. The Allstate Sugar Bowl featured nine of Todd McShay’s top 50 prospects for the 2018 draft, the most of any game this bowl season. When those draft prospects leave, Clemson will bring in the No. 5 recruiting class in the nation, with four five-star players. Alabama is right behind it at No. 6.

When teams are able to sign classes full of ESPN Cheap Jerseys NFL 300 prospects and then develop them, depth becomes one of the greatest factors to that success. Because once players go on to the NFL draft, backups become starters without a drop in team performance. It’s why Alabama has made all four playoffs. It’s why Clemson made it back this season after losing so many Wholesale Jerseys China players off its championship team a year ago.

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