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Lions’ Jarrad Davis in favor of NFL’s new helmet rule

Allen Park — In an attempt to improve the safety of the game and reduce the number of concussions suffered by players, the NFL approved a new rule this offseason that prohibits players from lowering their helmets to initiate contact.

We are less thrilled.

E! is looking for female sportscasters for a reality-show pilot, according to sources. The company Casting Kaz had a hand in The Apprentice, so this could lead to bigger things for whoever is brought on. But do note that even if this project goes to pilot, most pilots never make it to air. E! declined comment.

The Clicker NBA Broadcasting Rookie of the Year goes to … YES Nets analyst Sarah Kustok.

Kustok, who played college hoops at DePaul, is excellent in many ways, making strong points and letting the game flow, but one thing that stands out — and that many of her male counterparts could learn from her — is understanding when not to talk.

The Nets’ Ian Eagle and Ryan Ruocco are both top-shelf play-by-players, and she lets them finish their calls. She is patient on broadcasts, which is an excellent fundamental for broadcasters to have, especially on games.

Rodgers, of course, was asked about these reports while meeting with the media on Tuesday afternoon. And Rodgers, of course, downplayed any concerns/complaints/frustration by saying his job is to play quarterback.

But he also declined to really dive into whether or not he should be included in conversations about certain directions the franchise goes.

I don’t know if that’s a question for myself, really. I think that’s, again, they’re paying me to play quarterback to the best of my abilities, and their job descriptions are to handle those type of things, Rodgers added, via Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee. So I think you just act accordingly in those situations.

That sounds like a pretty passive aggressive way of saying, Yes, I would prefer to be consulted before they cut my friend and top receiver. But it could also be Rodgers declining to give an obvious soundbite that would crank up the noise around the Packers.

Jon Gruden, the new Raiders coach, last week mocked NFL replay rules as unrealistic and in need of removal. Agreed. But for nine seasons as ESPN’s expensive lead NFL analyst, he never said anything even close to that.

That HBO teamed with the WWE to produce a documentary about Andre the Giant tells us that even the ugly stuff will be heard and seen after it has been vetted and sanitized by Vince McMahon’s office. It’s a pity HBO would team with the WWE for anything.

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